Wood Finish Temperature Display Flask 500ml

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Regarding this item
MADE: 304 High-Grade Stainless Steel with Wood Patterns
GRADE: Leak Proof, Food Grade, BPA Free
SILICONE FINISH: The silicone bottom is intended to minimize slipping and spilling.
Great for Sport, Travel, the Gym, the Office, College, Home, and the Outdoors in the car
BEST for GIFT – The modern style makes them stand out as special presents for family and friends on special occasions such birthdays, holidays, Christmas, and business occasions.
DESIGN: Contemporary design with a wide body and small mouth makes the fashion statement. QUALITY: Sturdy, rust-free, and non-toxic

With vacuum insulation and smart chip technology, the Smart LED Flask is a stylish water bottle. The thermos’ top has a temperature display that can be touched up to 1000 times without needing new batteries. Whether it’s the chilly winter or the sweltering summer, enjoy your cool hot and cold drinks with a double-volt stainless steel insulated flask. The product is long-lasting, rust-free, non-toxic, and preservative because it is composed of food-grade stainless steel. Compared to a plastic water bottle, this is safer and healthier. This item satisfies your everyday hydration demands and is portable enough to transport warm or cold beverages. A minimum amount of heat is lost because to the double-walled insulation system, which also keeps temperatures hot for 2-4 hours and cold for 4-6 hours.






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